How to become the best SAP HANA consultant?

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It takes a long time to become an expert in the SAP HANA Consultant field. To become a good SAP HANA Consultant, you’ll need more determination, devotion, effort, patience, talent, and experience. If you wish to set yourself apart from any of the paper consultants who took a shortcut to being a SAP HANA Consultant, you must be willing to put in the effort, make compromises, be flexible, and consider new scenarios. This is a lucrative profession.

Just those consultants who have a genuine love for their jobs will be admitted as consultants; the others will be treated as mere workers working for a wage. Choose SAP HANA Training Institute in Delhi to mark your expertise on the platform and groom your career as SAP HANA consultant.

Different SAP HANA Consultants

In SAP HANA ventures, there are a number of important and well-known consultant positions. Let’s take a peek at some of them:

  • SAP Basis Consultant
  • Developer Consultant
  • SAP Functional Consultant
  • Sales/Business Consultant

Depending on the scale and scope of the project, other consultancy positions such as SAP Security Consultants, SAP Techno Functional Consultants, and so on could be available.

Responsibilities for a SAP HANA Consultant

The following are typical tasks and duties for a SAP HANA consultant:

  • They are in charge of improving the project team’s practical and technological expertise.
  • Planning, developing, applying, and advancing SAP-based solutions are the responsibilities of a SAP HANA consultant.
  • A SAP HANA consultant should also be involved in decisions about efficiency, protection, product distribution, and installation, among other things.
  • Since SAP HANA consultants must interact with both corporate and professional members of the organization, they must have outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

Become SAP HANA Consultant

An applicant should be familiar with the following topics in order to be a good SAP HANA consultant:

  • Basics of SAP HANA
  • Modeling of SAP HANA
  • The architecture of SAP HANA
  • Replication Techniques of SAP HANA
  • Basic Idea of SAP HANA Administration
  • Application Development of SAP HANA

It is true that being an authority in the SAP HANA consultant field is not an easy feat. To become a good SAP HANA consultant, you’ll need a lot of sacrifices, determination, engagement, initiative, capability, and experience. A career as a SAP HANA consultant can be lucrative. Just those applicants with a deep intention to serve as SAP consultants will be accepted; the others will be salaried workers. To become a reputable SAP HANA expert, you must possess a number of attributes. They are as follows:

  • Team Playing
  • Reading Ability
  • Better Education
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Quality Documentation
  • Good Configuration Skills
  • Business Process Knowledge
  • Understanding Business Requirements


To become a good SAP HANA consultant, you must go through a lengthy process that includes learning important and new skills on a regular basis and building an information fortress. SAP is constantly evolving with emerging technology, making it difficult for consultants to stay current throughout their careers. The SAP HANA consultant must still be willing to learn new stuff.

A broad variety of SAP educational programs, such as SAP HANA Online Training in India, are currently available all over the world. To develop their skills, the applicant should choose between online SAP training services and classroom training with an excellent mentor.

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